Peer support in english

This online support group is for you, who have lost your companion or spouse. In the group you can share thoughts with people who also have experienced the loss of a companion or a spouse.

The group is organized by Nuoret Lesket ry (Young Widows and Widowers) The age range in the events and groups of the association is typically 18-75 years. So if you are between 18-75 years of age, and have lost your loved one, we warmly welcome you in this group!

You can participate the group if you were married, lived in a registered partnership or were in a relationship. All the forms of relationship and ways to be ’signifigant others’ are considered equal in this group.

The group is free of charge, there is no need for the membership of the association. The leader of the group is a widow, trained for peer support.



How to participate?

The group meets online every month: every second Sunday at 3 pm – 5 pm. We meet in Zoom. You can participate regardless of your place of residence. To be able to participate, you need to have an e-mail address and possibility to use either a computer, a phone or a tablet. 

You can either choose one meeting to sign in, or choose to sign in to multiple meetings right away. You can also make an additional sign up later, via this same form. Please sign up at least one hour before the meeting you wish to attend.

Registration form:

What happens in a meeting?

Every meeting begins with a small briefing into the theme, and in the end of every meeting we have a small relaxation or breathing exercise. There’s plenty of time for free conversation in every meeting. The group gathers in Nuoret Lesket Zoom. You can participate in your own way, speak and share your thoughts in the way that feels best for you.

Important things to know about this group:

  • The conversations in the group are confidential
  • Everyone has a right to their individual experiences and feelings, and the right to share them
  • We respect each others feelings and experiences
  • Everyone has the right to speak and share what they feel is comfortable
  • We give space for each participant’s story
  • Please arrive ontime

Greetings from the group leader

Hi, I’m Pirjo, I’ve been a widow for over four years. I have been a volunteer for the Nuoret Lesket Helsinki peer support group since autumn 2019, leading both face-to-face and online groups.

For me, going to a peer support group was a turning point in my journey. I felt that I’m not alone in my grief, in my thoughts and feelings, in my experiences. Many times another participant has been able to put into words the feelings that I’ve had.

Still, after several years, I find it helps to talk about my loss with people who have the time to listen, and who do not judge. I hope we will meet in the group!